About the UK Myeloma Research Alliance (UKMRA)

The UK Myeloma Research Alliance is the national organisation that oversees clinical research for multiple myeloma and related conditions.  It is aligned with the National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) Myeloma Working Group which sits within the NCRI Haem-Onc Group.  The purpose of the UKMRA is to identify research needs, design and deliver clinical trials and other research for the benefit of patients with myeloma and to advance scientific research.

The UKMRA is led by an elected Senior Leadership team which sets the strategy for the wider group.  Wider group membership is open to clinicians, scientists and other health care professionals that share a common aim.

The UKMRA has been successful in delivering high impact trials that have influenced international practice and continues to innovate and deliver cutting edge research.

Full membership list of the UKMRA can be seen here  Click Here

UKMRA Senior Leadership Team

Dr Rakesh Popatat


Dr Martin Kaiser


Prof David Cairns

Trial Design Lead

Translational Lead

Dr Matthew Jenner

Governance Lead

Prof. Kwee Yong

Industry Lead

Prof Gordon Cook

Honorary Role

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