In partnership with Myeloma UK, the UK Myeloma Research Alliance, and the University of Leeds Clinical Trials Research Unit, the Concept and Access Research Programme (CARP) aims to deliver more early phase trials, more quickly to patients with multiple myeloma, focusing on asking and answering the questions which matter most to patients, and bringing earlier access to novel treatments for patients. Led by Dr Sarah Brown and Prof Gordon Cook, CARP also gives early career researchers or clinicians seeking trials experience the opportunity to get advice and develop their skills with the expertise and support of the UK Myeloma Research Alliance and the University of Leeds Clinical Trials Research Unit.

CARP is designed to support researchers in the development of early phase studies which can provide safety or proof of concept data for larger and later phase trials, or data which can be used to support patients gaining access to treatments through the NHS. A webinar series aimed at researchers wanting to learn about developing their early phase myeloma trial ideas has been developed, and summarises how CARP fits within the wider landscape of myeloma research in the UK. The 2021 series covers background to the research programme, experiences of researchers developing trials this way, patient experiences and an introduction to phase I trial design. The speakers are senior trialists and patient representatives who are all actively involved in CARP.