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UK Myeloma Society Policy: Working with the Pharmaceutical Industry

July 2023


UK Myeloma Society ‘UKMS’ understands the importance of working in partnership with all stakeholders with an interest in myeloma, including the pharmaceutical industry, to achieve common goals. We acknowledge that both collaborative working and financial support from pharmaceutical companies is vital but at the same time we recognise the need for such partnerships to be transparent. 

As a result, UKMS has developed a policy document defining how we engage with the pharmaceutical industry. This will ensure we can withstand external scrutiny of our decisions and actions whilst at the same time allowing us freedom to work in a way which ultimately benefits myeloma patients and their families. 

About the policy 

This policy document defines how UK Myeloma Society works with pharmaceutical, diagnostic and medical device companies, including the funding we receive and the way in which we conduct our relationship with them. This is important to ensure that we: 

·       demonstrate our independence and impartiality 

·       are transparent, consistent and fair when working with industry 

·       maintain our integrity and reputation 

·       remain true to our objectives by educating clinicians, nurses, pharmacists and other HCP’s.  

·       show our commitment to working collaboratively with pharmaceutical companies 

·       remain accountable to our stakeholders and our members 

What type(s) of funding does UK Myeloma Society receive from companies? 

The UKMS currently engages with pharmaceutical companies, which financially support the UKMS education days as well as contributing to the travel bursaries to enable  members of the myeloma treating community to travel to international meetings. The content of the education meetings is in no way influenced by pharma.  There are two levels of sponsorship; Premium and Standard. For further company details, please visit the sponsors page on the UKMS website.

What rules do we apply to the funding we receive? 

The ABPI Code of Practice for the Pharmaceutical Industry 2019 sets out the obligations of pharmaceutical companies when working with patient organisations The majority of our pharma sponsors are members of the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) and are governed by its code of practice. The UKMS also adheres to these principles.

All funding is acknowledged in the UKMS Annual Report and Financial Statement of Accounts. 


What guidelines does the UKMS follow when working with the pharmaceutical industry? 

  • The UKMS collaborates with a variety of companies, giving no preference to any one company 
  • We do not allow companies to in fluence our activities, educational events or policy. 
  • We will not promote, endorse or favour any particular company or product 
  • The UKMS retains the right to terminate any working relationship with a partner who is not confirming to the above guidance 

Can representatives from the Pharmaceutical industry become a member of the UK Myeloma Society? 

·       Representatives from the pharmaceutical industry can apply to become a member of the UKMS. The Executive ratify new members and have the right to withhold individual membership applications.

·       Membership would entitle access to the Members Zone area on the UKMS website in order to view educational content from presentations and webinars.

·       Representatives from the pharmaceutical industry will have no voting rights and will also be vetoed from Executive

·       The UKMS Exec board is permitted to attend advisory panels and other paid advisory roles in line with ABPI policy.  We recognise the importance of UKMS Exec board members declaring involvement whilst balancing advocating on behalf of patient care and healthcare services.