The UKMF is actively involved in NICE consultations regarding new technologies at all stages of the appraisal process, providing feedback on draft scopes and documents, attending workshops and appraisal meetings.  We also put together submissions on new technologies when invited, summarising the treatment landscape of myeloma and the impact of the new technology.  Together with MyelomaUK, we are working towards stream-lined treatment pathways for UK myeloma patients that are practicable, reflect current ‘best practice’ internationally, and take into account disease and patient specific factors. We are keen to involve patients and patient and carer groups in consultation processes, and again, work closely with MyelomaUK to achieve this. The lead for Advocacy is currently Dr Matthew Streetly.

UKMF Advocacy Report June 2021, Prepared by M Streetly, Advocacy Lead UKMF
Completed / FAD issued

Carfilzomib (Part rev TA457)

  • Relapsed myeloma
  • In combination with lenalidomide / dex or dex
  • UKMF rep: KR
  • Car+ Len+dex approved 2nd line 28/4/21
Ongoing Appraisals

Daratumumab (ID1510)

  • 1st line, transplant eligible
  • In combination with VTD
  • UKMF rep: NR
  • 1st appraisal meeting: 4/3/21
  • Negative ACD; challenged / negotation
  • 2nd appraisal meeting 7/7/21 – outcome awaited

Idecabtagene Vicleucel (ID1442)

  • Rel/Ref myeloma
  • >= 3 prior lines
  • UKMF rep: MS/KY
  • Comments: 8/12/20
  • 1st appraisal meeting delayed pending mature data

Ciltacabtagene autoleucel (ID3816)

  • Rel/Ref myeloma
  • >=3 prior lines
  • UKMF rep: MS/NR/RP
  • Organisation submission: 24/5/21
  • ERG report discussion 2/9/21
  • 1st appraisal meeting 9/11/21

Ixazomib (Lenalidomide / Dex)  (ID1635 rev of TA505)

  • CDF review
  • Nomination by 24/3/21
  • Organisation submission 14/4/21
  • UKMF nominee: GC

Multitechnology Appraisal planned – no dates announced / scope

NB 1st MTA for myeloma therapies

Selinexor / bortezomib /dex [ID3797]

Carfilzomib/dara/dex [ID2709]

Melphalan flufenamide [ID3862]

Next steps awaited / or suspended

Carfilzomib (daratumumab / dex) (ID2709)

  • Awaiting date confirmation
  • UKMF rep: KR

Isatuximab (ID1620)

  • Rel/refr
  • In combination with carfilzomib / dex
  • Suspended as manufacturer not submitted