This digital infosession is a UKMS and Myeloma UK partnered event.

Wednesday 19 April, 5pm-6pm

BCMA and GPRC5D Antibodies in Practice

Implementation and management for healthcare professionals

Who is this session for?
This session is for all healthcare professionals with an interest in myeloma.

What is this session about?
Listen to our medical, nursing and pharmacy experts talk about how to set up and deliver anti BCMA and GPRC5D therapies and the management of patients receiving these antibodies.

Speaker information:

  • Dr Rakesh Popat, Consultant Haematologist and Associate Professor, University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  • Elaine Bell, Myeloma and Amyloidosis CNS, University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  • Baguiasri Mandane, Specialist Pharmacist Haematology, Oncology and Aseptic Services, King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

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