College of Myeloma UK

The College of Myeloma (UK)
Est. 2019

The Society has created the College of Myeloma (UK), electing fellows to the College which will result in a knowledge-rich, experience body of clinical, scientific, nursing and allied professionals dedicated to myeloma, whose contribution has changed clinical practice and outcomes for patients. The College will not only serve as a senior council for the executive committee of the Society to provide advice and guidance where appropriate, but will also serve to help in clinical research governance (requesting chairs of Trial Steering Committees, Data Monitoring Committees), strategy development, especially looking towards the post-trial, clinical practice space and mentorship of younger colleagues.

Fellowship of the College is based on exceptional contributions to the medical practice, clinical and translational sciences, medical education and scholarship and patient advocacy. The majority of candidates will be selected for their outstanding contribution to the advancement of medical science and care in myeloma, or for the application of existing scientific knowledge or understanding in an innovative way, so as to bring about advances in human health and welfare.

Fellows of College of Myeloma UK

Professor Gordon Cook, Dean

Professor Curly Morris

Professor Kwee Yong

Professor Mark Cook

Dr Jenny Bird

Mr Eric Low, OBE

Professor Keith Stewart

Professor Ian Maxwell Franklin

Professor Steve Schey

Professor Sonja Zweegman

Professor Ray Powles

Professor Philippe Moreau

Dr Matthew Streetly